Character Breakdown

Troy Maxon:  Age 40 – 55 (Script states he is 53 years old).

A former star of the Negro baseball league who now works as a garbage man in 1957 in Pittsburg. Excluded as a Negro from the major leagues during his prime, Troy’s bitterness takes its toll on his relationship with both his wife and son who now wants his own chance to play.


Troy is a large man with thick hands, heavy hands; it is the largeness that he strives to fill out and make an accommodation with. Together with his blackness, his largeness informs his sensibilities and the choice he has made in his life. He was a great baseball player through his teens and young adult years.


Jim Bono:  Age 40 – 55

Jim Bono is Troy’s co-worker and friend for over 30 years rooted in his admiration of Troy’s honesty, capacity for hard work and his strength, which Bono seeks to emulate.


Rose Maxon:  Age 35-45

Homemaker and Troy’s wife for 18 years.


Lyons Maxon: Age 25-30

An aspiring musician and Troy’s oldest son by an earlier marriage.

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Gabriel Maxon:  Age 35-45

Troy’s brother. He suffers from a mental disorder due to a head injury he received while serving in the U.S. Army.


Cory Maxon:  Age 17-18

Troy and Rose’s son. His entire life seeking Troy’s love and approval.


Raynel Maxon:  Age 6-10

Troy’s daughter