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The Philadelphia Story

by Phillip Barry

Directed by Tricia Williams


This Broadway hit originally starred Katharine Hepburn as Tracy Lord, of the Philadelphia Lords, a headstrong and spoiled daughter of the privileged. Divorced from C.K. Dexter Haven, she is engaged to a successful young snob. A society weekly sends a reporter and female photographer to cover the wedding arrangements. Tracy finds herself growing interested in the reporter Mike Connor, and following the pre-wedding bash, they take a moonlight swim and are then surprised by Dexter and the fiancé. Who Tracy ends up marrying is anyone's guess. 


Show dates are April 10th and 11th, April 17th and 18th and April 24th and 25th at 8:00 PM. Sunday Matinees are April 12th, April 19th and April 26th at 3:00 PM.

Ticket prices are $15.00


"Save a Seat" holders can reserve by calling the reservation line (904-276-2599). Season ticket holders can make reservatons on January 6th.

Make your reservations and print your tickets on line. Click Reserve Online to learn more.



Cast List:


Rachel Gibson....Tracy Lord

Harriet Leathem.....Margaret Lord

Kara Parham.....Dinah Lord

Devin Kramer....C.K. Dexter Haven

Travis Harms......George Kittridge

Carter Cheaum....Mike Conner

Brittany Morris....Liz Imbrie

Eric Sorensen.....Uncle Willie

Fred Steel....Seth Lord

Mark.............Sandy Lord

Thomsina....Sally Deborde
Edwina....Breanna Shuman

Elsie May....Lillie Bullard

Mac McDonald.....Mac The Nightwatchman




Caitlin Charrier - Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager - Emma Brenner





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