October 24th at 8pm,

25th at 2pm,

30th at 8pm,

31st at 2pm

November 1st at 2pm,

6th at 8pm,

7th at 9pm,

8th at 2pm, 2020

Is she guilty? 

You decide!

Hello Everyone,

Procedures are in place for protections of our audiences and participants. We are taking temperatures as people arrive, and masks are now mandatory in our facility.  We are limiting our audience size in response to the 50% required by local guidance and are working to space out the guests throughout the theater.  We are serving refreshments only from closed containers.  The theater seat armrests are being cleaned between performances.

We understand that every person has different considerations in determining when to carefully go back out into society.  Should you be at the point where you are ready to attend an event, we would like to invite you to OPCT !

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